StandUp 4Life In Oakland

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The Issues4Life Foundation

Strongly adheres to and practices the "Nonviolent" philosophy
embraced by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. Clenard H. Childress, Jr. and Walter B. Hoye II In Oakland

We walk because abortion in the Black community is a form of genocide, it is the Darfur of America. We walk because abortion in Black America is the Civil Rights issue of our day. We walk because abortion does violence, both physically and emotionally, to men and women, to their children, and to their families.

Guest Speakers

We are committed to protecting both the civil and human rights of the child in the womb by recognizing the inherent dignity and unalienable rights of all members of the human family, so that in law and in practice every life is valued.

Dr. Clenard H. Childress

Dr. Clenard Howard Childress, Jr., is a Pastor of the New Calvary Baptist Church in Montclair, New Jersey, Founder of the BlackGenocide.Org, a member of the National Pro-Life Religious Council of Washington, DC., a Board Member of The Center For Bio Ethical Reform and a member of the National Black Pro-Life Coalition. Top

Antoine Lamar Miller, Mths

Antoine Lamar Miller, Mths, Rev. Antoine Lamar Miller was born to Kathleen Miller and Jeffery Gray on November 4, 1968 in San Leandro, California. He accepted Christ as Lord and Savior and was baptized in 1980 at the age of twelve (12) uniting with the Allen Temple Baptist Church under the Pastorate of Dr. J. Alfred Smith and later joined The Greater Emmanuel Baptist Church under the spiritual guidance of Rev. George Epps. Today, Pastor Antoine Lamar Miller leads the Rehoboth Christian Fellowship Church, changing generations through the Word of God, Equipping and Empowering Families and Individuals to Live the God Kind of Life Luke 4:18-19. Rehoboth is a ministry which has been mandated by the Master to meet and minister to the needs of the masses with a meaningful message. Pastor Miller is married to Rebecca E. Miller and they are the proud parents of three children. Daughter, Autumn Breann, and sons, Christian Maurice and Lamar Antoine Miller. Top

Rochelle Petersen

Rochelle Petersen is the author of the book "Does God Really Care About Politics: God And Government", which is a very clear and concise treatise for anyone wanting to empower themselves with a greater understanding of politics and how it relates to the Kingdom of God. She is also an executive member of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of California and a member of the Faith Fellowship Church in San Leandro, California. Rochelle was born in Pittsburgh, the second largest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is one of twelve (12) children, grew up in a faith based family and is married to Joel Petersen. Top

Joe Salant

Joe "Story" Salant is a Christian|Pro-Life apologist, theologian and recording artist dedicated to ending the abortion holocaust in America. He travels with the American Renewal Project equipping pastors to stand for biblical values in the public square. He is the founder of We Are Watchmen, a Christian and politically conservative group that uses contemporary music as part of a subversive strategy to fight the statist secularization of American youth through the hard left agenda of the U.S. public school system. Joe recognizes the Pro-Life movement as the primary social reform movement in the world today. Top

Pastor Bruce Rivers

Pastor Bruce Rivers leads the Mount Moriah First Baptist Church. Known as "THE MOUNT!" the Mount Moriah First Baptist Church, exists to enlarge the population of heaven, by presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To read more about Bruce click here. Top

Pastor Walter Moss

Pastor Walter Moss is author of the book: "Why I am a Black Pro-Life Pastor. Quote: "I am not ashamed to say I am a Black Pro-Life Pastor and that the African-American church is guilty of not taking the lead on issues like abortion. As Pastors, we need to be able to come together and have a civil conversation about how abortion is affecting us and we need to be equipped with the information to help our people deal with it." Get'em Walt. Top